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OpenStack Training

Cloud Computing and Virtualization have become the Next-Gen technologies for the internet. Want to learn on deploying Cloud Solutions? CoderGenie Technologies brings you with advanced training on Cloud Deployment on various Operating System Platforms. CoderGenie Technologies have successfully delivered multiple OpenStack Training’s and have also assisted various customer with their deployments. Our trainers have real world OpenStack Deployment knowledge and bring the same experience while training the students.

OpenStack is a free and open-source software cloud computing software platform. Users primarily deploy it as an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solution. OpenStack facilitates you to build your own public or private cloud infrastructure with great level of security and ease of management.

The online OpenStack training is a 5 days program in which we cover the basic fundamentals of cloud computing and the technology being used. Most of our focus is on practicals demonstrating how to actually setup a private cloud.

The labs are demonstrated in a virtual environment which makes it easier for our candidates to practice what they learnt and do testing of various features. The virtual environment either exists of Cisco UCS servers or VMWare virtualization software.

OpenStack Training Agenda
  • Introduction
  • Architecture
  • Resources
  • Ubuntu Setup
  • Initial Settings
  • NTP
  • Database
  • RabbitMQ
  • Keystone Overview
  • Keystone Installation & Configurations
  • Keystone Lab
  • Glance Overview
  • Glance Installation & Configurations
  • Glance Lab
  • Cinder Overview
  • Cinder Installation & Configurations
  • Cinder Lab
  • Swift Overview
  • Swift Installation & Configurations
  • Swift Lab
  • Neutron Overview
  • Neutron Installation & Configurations
  • Neutron Lab
  • ML2 Plugin
  • Nova Overview
  • Nova Installation & Configurations
  • Nova Lab
  • Horizon Overview
  • Horizon Installation & Configurations
  • Horizon Lab
Cloud-Computing Basic
USD 499
Fundamentals of OpenStack
Ubuntu Installation
All-In-One Deployment
Cloud-Computing Advanced
USD 799
Fundamentals of OpenStack
Multi-Node Deployment
Advanced Topics
Cloud-Computing Master
USD 1100
Fundamentals of OpenStack
Advanced Topics
TShoot + Deep Dive

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