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Network Services

CoderGenie Technologies Network Services
CoderGenie Technologies network services is providing our valuable customers with design, configuration, installation and troubleshooting support for hardware and software issues across various platforms in routing, switching, data center and security appliances. Our support delivery method is online via email and webex meetings where we can collaborate with the customer to implement and troubleshoot technical problems for the customer. Customers can register on our online support tool to open tickets to request assistance to resolve their technical problems. We do provide onsite support under special customer request. Our engineers have at least 10 years of experience in the industry supporting the largest enterprise and service provider customers across multiple regions and industries. The engineers that will work with our customers are guaranteed to hold the highest level of Cisco certifications in their field of work including multiple CCIEs. Whether it is a technology problem or a platform problem, our engineers will have the solution to ensure our customer networks are up for business. All our services are properly documented and explained using Visio, Excel, Word and properly formatted emails with thorough explanations of the solution and recommendations to address the customer query.

Our team of high caliber Cisco technology experts will be able to assist you with the following network services.

Disclaimer: Our services only include installation, upgrade, configuration, design and troubleshooting. We do not sell Cisco hardware or software. We do not provide any failure analysis for Cisco hardware and software. Please open a ticket with Cisco TAC.

 For further assistance, please contact us at netsol@codergenie.com or sales@codergenie.com.