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Configuration Generator

network configuration generator

Network Config Tool

Our first tool launched is the CGT Network Configurator. Scaled config on network devices is always a challenge. Building configuration templates with let us say 200 PVCs in a L2VPN AToM can take some time. We do have the option of using scripts but not all networking engineers know scripting. Scripting also takes a bit of time to think out the logic and program. Thus CGT has developed a software to configure your network nodes features such as BGP, OSPF, MPLS etc in both IOS and IOS XR.

The Network Config tool, through click of few buttons and filling in some parameters allow you to create 4094 iterations of OSPF or BGP or even L2VPN like features config in less than 30 seconds! The tool also provides a section to generate the expect script for you, which you can copy and paste and edit. After generating the configuration, you can telnet into the node (Network device) and upload the configuration. A unique tool and definitely useful for engineers working in the lab environment testing or for network consultant wishing to generate configuration templates for customer quickly. Please try our tool and send your comments and suggestion to us. Your inputs will be useful to our developers in improving our products to cater to the needs of the industry professionals.

network configuration generator screen

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